The largest online real estate investors network in Africa.

During the pandemic, our founder Mr. Onaifo Uwa Prosper saw how many people were frustrated out of business and their investment opportunities. Realizing the importance of diversification outside of public equities, combined with the rise of a new business vehicle known as Joint venture, partnerships, high net-worth network, and equity crowdfunding. Mr. Onaifo founded DEVCLUB360 as a flagship product of Rentwey in order to give individual investors, and real estate developers better access to real estate deal, the 2nd largest asset class in Africa.

The DEVCLUB360 is an exclusive network and a peer membership organization as your own personal board of directors. Our members consist of successful entrepreneurs, investors, and executives. DEVCLUB360 is the leading CRE networking platform. Our online platform makes it easy for you to compare and review deals, find the right projects for your portfolio.

The modern alternative to institutional capital

Developers and sponsors can now raise capital in a new way. Real estate sponsors have historically relied on a blend of offline funding sources, including friends and family, broker-dealers, and institutional capital to finance their projects. But with DEVCLUB360 you can publish and promote your project, gain access to a deep network of investors, raise capital, and manage those investors for the life of your project– all on one unified platform.

Why work with DEVCLUB360?

With passive investors, you maintain control as a developer. Institutional funds also known as hot funds often come with strict conditions or demands. DEVCLUB360 investors take a passive position in your capital stack.

Spend less time and resources. 
Our technology helps you manage your raise without increasing overhead. Spend less time finding, converting, and managing new investors and more time on the ground managing your project.

Use our network for your benefit. Elevate your firm’s brand as a member. When you’re ready to launch your deal, DEVCLUB360 will execute a sophisticated linkage plan through our “Deal Connect” designed to target these investors or partners and position your offering for

 Our team is on standby to support you through all stages of your project

Deal Screening

DEVCLUB360 Investments team will review your firm’s background and deals to determine if it is a fit for the network.

With your input, we’ll create and publish an offering detail page that gives potential members access to your project’s proposed business plan and local market information. You’ll reach a high number of investors already in our network, and find even more potential investors who are members.

Our Investor Relations team will manage the individual offers and help ensure you get your funds as quickly as possible.


We’ll provide ongoing support and education for your team, and will help facilitate communication between you and your investors for the life of your deal.

What does it take to raise capital with DEVCLUB360?

We strive to work with best-top-class sponsors and developers. If you have a successful track record in both commercial and residential real estate, we want to learn more about your next deal. Read our deal review process to learn more about what kind of developers we’re looking to partner with and how we evaluate your deals.


Unwavering commitment to quality:  Our team is on the ground, looking for best-top-class sponsors with quality deals. They bring these opportunities to our Investments team, which puts both the sponsor and their deal through our review process to determine if they are a
good fit for our Network and Marketplace. Out of every 100 deals,
approximately five make it to the negotiation table after investors have compared and review.




We’re committed to working with best-top-class partners. Each new sponsor is subject to the same, objective review process. The first part of the DEVCLUB360 due diligence process is to analyze the real estate company. The company is the individual or group of individuals who will acquire the real estate and execute a business plan for the ownership. There are multiple factors to consider when evaluating a partner company.


1. Background check: Using industry-leading platforms, we conduct an in-depth background check on both the firm and its principals. This is why we require a membership fee for our daily operations scrutiny quality members. Background and criminal checks are conducted to identify any pending litigation or items of concern.
2. Track record review: We confirm the sponsor has successfully executed projects in the asset type they are looking to bring to the Marketplace. All assets previously acquired by the real estate company are examined and compared to the scope of the proposed project to review if the sponsor has a similar experience.
3. Developers designation: We organize developers into four unique categories based on their background and experience–Emerging, Seasoned, Tenured, and Enterprise.
4. References: References from lenders, investors, and/or business associates are secured.

Are you a developer looking to raise capital on the DEVCLUB360 Network?
Contact our team for more information.


Evaluating the project

When reviewing a potential deal, our team ask key questions:
1. Is the project within a core competency of the developer?
2. Do the materials demonstrate quality and conform to industry standards?
3. Are the deal assumptions supported by market data?
4. Does the project match DEVCLUB360 investor preferences in terms of asset
type, projected returns, and location?
5. FEET ON THE GROUND: A DEVCLUB360 team member travels to the project site to
confirm the property’s location, building characteristics, and condition.
Seeing an asset in person is a core tenet of the due diligence process.

Our outlook for real estate project investing depends on different asset classes:

  Hospitality Buildings
  Industrial Structures
  Medical Facilities
  Residential Homes
  Tank Farms
  High rise Buildings
  Shopping Malls – Retail
  Office Complexes
  Student Hostels
  Event Halls

Still, have questions?
Our team can help.


In the final stages of the due diligence process, the operating agreement is reviewed for adherence to minimum requirements. There are several key provisions reviewed when considering how the legal structure may contribute to the overall risks of a transaction.

1. OPERATING AGREEMENT: Legal staff works to review the operating agreement so it properly reflects the spirit of the partnership or Joint Venture.
2. FEES, EXPENSES & PROFIT SHARING: Fees, both fixed and incentive-based, as well as expenses are analyzed to ensure they have been
disclosed to all parties.
3. ASSET/PROJECT MANAGEMENT: The project management team is regularly updated on the investment to report the investment’s performance over time after the deal closes, throughout the ownership cycle.


Interested in wealth creation and preservation? It’s time to build your real estate portfolio with DEVCLUB360. Get started today. Diversify with thoroughly vetted commercial real estate deals with the potential to generate income and grow in value.


Why invest and own real estate as part of your

Go beyond stocks and bonds. Real estate is a valuable part of any well-diversified investment strategy and commercial real estate (CRE) offers unique value to investors. YOU DESERVEMORE THAN JUST AN INVESTMENT PLATFORM. Join DEVCLUB360 and build a lifelong network for yourself and your family.

Earn Returns.
There is only one way to earn on DEVCLUB360, the share of the property’s final sale price or rental.

Expand your portfolio.
Use real estate to hedge against inflation and diversify away from stock and bonds

Stay Hands Off.
We understand you can’t get your hands dirty doing the groundwork on site. As an investing member, you don’t actively manage the project you’re a passive investor and a co landlord.

Projects & Vehicles.
As a member of the DEVCLUB360, you have several projects to select, review and decide on. You do not have to invest in every project; DEVCLUB360 gives you the opportunity to choose JVs that interest you based on the asset class, location, profit sharing, and minimum investment amounts.

Invest your way with DEVCLUB360


Whether you’re a seasoned real estate expert or completely new to the commercial real estate business, we make it easy to find the approach that’s right for you. 

Passive income is exactly what it sounds like: periodic disbursements without significant effort beyond your initial investment. While real estate has traditionally been considered a passive investment strategy, actively owning rental properties
generally requires considerable effort, including overseeing the purchase, performing inspections, finding tenants, finding buyers, and ongoing property management and maintenance. While investors should always perform their own due diligence before investing, each deal on the DEVCLUB360 platform has undergone the platform’s due diligence process including traveling to the property to confirm its location, building characteristics, and condition, thus offering a truly passive investing experience for investors.


Our private member digital platform connects members to each other for advice, business deals, and investment opportunities. We offer a safe space for you to discuss what you’re doing with your money, explore new investments, shape friendship with others like you – high-net-worth individuals who are hands-on and want to take a front seat on the unique journey of wealth and legacy preservation.


*Note: Meeting the specific quantitative requirement of a minimum of $3M in investable assets does not automatically guarantee admittance into DEVCLUB360. There are other important, less easily defined requirements that also need to be met. These are qualitative in nature and are at the discretion of the DEVCLUB360 and the Chair of the Group.

1. $3 million investable Assets.
2. Readiness to share experience, knowledge, projects, skills, and contacts.
3. Willingness to learn.
4. Commitment to Not Solicit.
5. Commitment to attend meetings
6. Ready to pay our membership fee of $5, 000.

Access a 30days free trial on our app. This is subject to our approval if we find your application eligible. Do not present false statements or misrepresent yourself when filling in your information on the app. 


Download App, create an account, submit your expression of interest, and wait for the approval.


Q- What is DEVCLUB360 and how does it work?
A- DEVCLUB360 is an exclusive community for developers and investors working on real estate development projects in 9 to 10-figure deals. DevClub360 is for property professionals that want to share experience, joint venture deals, knowledge, and contacts. Here, Investors, developers, and CRE professionals collaborate to develop personally, strengthen their business, network and enjoy a luxury lifestyle via several highly curated meetings and networking events. Through our network, investors have the opportunity to invest in real estate opportunities online in a private, secure mobile app. Investors can browse investments, review due diligence materials and sign legal documents securely online or offline. Once invested, investors have access to project information and how their money is working for them. Real estate companies looking for equity capital can do so by going through our membership: by creating an account and going through our due diligence process. We are here to simplify real estate investing by using technology.


Q- How do I get started on DEVCLUB360?
A- If you want to invest in commercial real estate with us, you can start by first becoming a member. And if you are looking for equity for your real estate project, you can start by first becoming a member.

Q- Is DEVCLUB360 secure?
A- DEVCLUB360 is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of information of our members. This includes but is not limited to physical and electronic procedures to protect information from loss, misuse, damage, or modification by unauthorized access. Some of the central features of our security program are:
• Internal and external review of our public and non-public Internet sites and services;
• The use of specialized technologies such as firewalls and encryption;
• Rigorous multi-stage testing of the operability of products and features before they are exposed to the Internet as well as updates for known
• Monitoring of our systems infrastructure to detect weaknesses and potential intrusions.

Q- How is DEVCLUB360 capitalized?
A- We’re backed by strategic investors and partners.

Q- Who is eligible to join the DEVCLUB360? DEVCLUB360 is for high net worth individuals; investors, developers, sponsors, and anyone interested in wealth creation and preservation.

Q- What are the benefits of using DEVCLUB360?
A- We make it easy for investors to invest in commercial real estate without having to do all of the work. We provide access that was historically limited and spend countless hours sourcing real estate investments and allow investors to invest in real estate with dramatically smaller investment sizes. And we make the process frictionless – allowing you to screen investments online, sign legal documents, and have access to all your documents in one place. We are a source of efficient and technology-based production, helping our members diversify their portfolios while getting access to a wide suite of connections.

Q- What is your mission?
A- Our mission is to help our members preserve and grow their wealth by connecting to an unparalleled network of wealth creators and thought leaders. Through trusted relationships and meaningful real estate business. Our members translate the transformative value of their wealth into personal fulfillment.

Q- What do you consider your values?
A- The collective value of our carefully balanced membership is extremely valuable for those involved. The network has three key aims:
1. To attract high caliber members with an impeccable reputation and support them throughout the rest of their property development careers
2. To be the leading Africa Property Investors Network
3. To accelerate the progress of all members towards their respective goals by: building a community and pool of knowledge, experience, contacts, and other resources available for use by all members; and facilitating valuable introductions between members and other industry stakeholders both within and outside of the network.

Q- Why is it expensive to join the DEVCLUB360?
A- DEVCLUB360 is a premium membership network for high-net-worth people with at least $3 million in investable assets. Central to this, we only want to attract the best, with a sound understanding of big businesses, not time wasters, pretenders, or people who will mislead investors for their personal gains.

Q- Outside investing, what other activities happen on the DEVCLUB360?
A- We have quarterly meetings for subgroups called “BOARD ROOM” led by a coach. As a peer organization, every member must have something to offer in terms of experience or expertise. The board Room is where members bury their financial souls and challenges before other board members. It is highly confidential. Other activities include lifestyle events and a yearly high-powered meeting called portfolio defense.

Q- How is DEVCLUB360 a Network?
A- We consider our platform a close-knit wealth creation network where we discuss the topics that matter most and do big businesses. And harnessing the power and intellect of over $500 million in personal assets that span the spectrum of industry for members to leverage. We believe in Quality over Quantity.


Q- Can I join the DEVCLUB360 from any country?
A- Yes you can.